What TN Citizens Are Saying About Marijuana

Pharmaceuticals Are Killing Debra

I have been on many extreme drugs for my back surgeries, depression, arthritis, and many other medical conditions, I opted off all pain medications six months ago. I can no longer kill my body with these chemical drugs any longer. We need medical use of cannabis her in TN. And we need it now. I have never smoked it , but want the relief that many get in the states where its legal. Why can some have it and not all ??? This makes no sense to me. Our government is a sissy boy and we will never get it pass him. We need legislation for all of America to be able to get it, and soon. Oh, and I’m a 53 year old disabled mother of 2, and a christian. My god made it for the reason we use many other herbs. – Debra Smith

Logical Thoughts On Marijuana

Its time to re-look at facts and evolve as a society. When you know better you do better. Give people the choice to choose their meds. Even recreationally. We need consistency with laws for alcohol and MJ. It just makes sense. It makes logical sense. How can someone educated not clearly see that? How can it not be immediately re-scheduled with the latest info out? – Missy

Only If They Could Live A Day In My Shoes

I’m 34 years old and have suffered from severe arthritis since I was 10 years old and fibro since I was 17. I’ve had a seizure disorder my entire life. I’ve run the gambit on meds to treat me, including neurontin, depakote, dilantin, relpax, lyrica, cymbalta, steroids, anti-inflammatories and narcotic pain medications. All of which have had horrible side affects and have only resulted in failure.

Marijuana however, gives me no side effects and works. But using it to treat my medical issues brands me a criminal. I wouldn’t wish my pain on anyone but by keeping a treatment that works away from me, the government is both endorsing and encouraging me to attempt to live with a very low quality of life. Enough is enough. If our elected officials were expierencing this type of pain, they’d want it legalized too! – Martha

We Should Have Real Freedom

I suffer from a number of autoimmune diseases. I feel certain that some types of cannabis or cannabis products (high CBD) would be effective in treating some of the symptoms, if not outright healing. Without new laws that allow for the development of a medical cannabis industry, I and others are left with limited to no good choices. TN needs to look at the well developed industry in Colorado as a template for how to proceed. As an aside, I also favor personal cultivation, as it allows individuals to grow cannabis for their own use. All this talk of how much tax revenue can be collected is often just the come on to get legislators attention. – Jeff

The Government Hates Me

I am a registered nurse, a mother of 2 toddlers, and a chronically ill patient. I have been recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, of which I suffer from tremendously on a daily basis. I believe I should have the option of using marijuana if and when my doctor recommends it (which she does)! That is my freedom. My freedom from the body that tortures me AND my poor family so much every single day.

If medical marijuana can allow me to walk again, cook a healthy meal for my babies, contribute positively to society, and perhaps even be able to work again, then why cant I have a chance to use this therapeutic herb? With a doctors recommendation, at that!?!

I feel America needs to come out of this prohibition-style thinking and realize that there are valid medical uses for this drug. I would very much like your support on this issue. My struggling family would too, as it would mean having their mommy back and not zoned out constantly on all these narcotic pain medications.

The AP just released a statement from the Obama administration saying that they would not sue or inhibit Washington state and Colorado from legalizing recreational marijuana use. If that is the case, then why are appropriate and valid medical users of marijuana in our country continuing to be criminalized and stigmatized for seeking to relieve their daily torment from a body ravaged with real, genuine disease!?!

I do not understand how treating a medical condition in one state can land u in prison, while just a few miles across the state border u can simply get high just because u feel the need arise and are free from criminal prosecution and financial torture by the court system! I simply feel this is unfair, and not only that but it infringes heavily upon my personal freedoms, and my rights to valid medical treatments. And it puts up a roadblock to a good quality if life for me as well as my entire family with my type of chronic diagnosis. – Candice