Noteworthy Medicinal Drugs

There are tons of other medicinals out there that Big Pharma will never tell you about. Natural herbs and herbal remedies are so much better than we think. They are the original source of all the medicines we know and love. Pharmaceutical products mimic or synthesize what nature provides. They’re usually much stronger, more potent, and less addictive. These are some of my favorite alternatives.


I kratom-powderfirst tried Kava in Florida when I was on vacation. It’s popular for vacationers for it’s effects on your mood. Hawaiian natives love Kava for it’s mild, relaxing effects. It tastes kind of like dirt water. Kava numbs your tongue and gives you a little, subtle buzz. It’s nothing comparable to alcohol or cannabis. However, it has noticeable calming effects. You can also get things added to it like pineapple slices or Kratom tinctures. You can learn more about Kava at


Kratom is a plant that’s ground up and imported from Indonesia. My buddy used to import it and had some pretty crazy stories from his customers. The thing is a lot of meth heads use kratom to overcome their addiction. People with MS, Endometriosis, and cancer use kratom as well. My dad even used it to avoid pain medications after he got a shoulder replacement surgery. Kratom is popular for helping people get past opiate addictions and day to day pain and discomfort. It also helps with paranoia, depression, anxiety, and PMS mood swings. There’s been a lot of legal talk about kratom because it’s not very popular with the pharmaceutical industry. It’s pretty cheap, and can’t be synthetically cloned. There are companies that add fillers to their kratom so you have to be careful. The fillers aren’t usually dangerous, just tea or another leaf, but they will make the kratom less potent. You can learn more about using kratom at


DMT is the chemical released in your brain when you die. We all produce it. DMT is everywhere in nature. It’s just, when we are near death, we release it in substantial amounts. There’s a documentary on Netflix called DMT: The Spirit Molecule. People that have near death experiences go through the same thing as people that astral project. However, one is a conscious decision, and the other is not. The people take take DMT for medicinal reasons are usually seeking some sort of spiritual healing. There’s a drink that is very popular among Peruvian shamans called Ayahuasca. It contains DMT and is said to give people life changing trips. You can learn more about getting DMT at


I have a friend in LA that takes people hiking on “shroom trips.” I’ve never been on one but it sounds fun. They basically go out into the middle of nowhere, take psychedelics, and howl at the moon until the sun rises. People seem to resort to shrooms when they’re going through some sort of stress or depression. They say shrooms make every intricate detail of life more beautiful. Usually people take shrooms in tea. I’m not sure if you can eat them, but they’re definitely not the same as regular mushrooms. You can learn more about safety when using Psychedelics at