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  • popiew says:

    I have suffered chronic pain since 1984 and am presently on very strong opiates daily to control this pain. I know from experience that when I use a little pot along with my prescribed medicines,they work so much better.Medical Marijuana in Tennessee would be a God send to me.

  • Ricky Starr says:

    I have PTSD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I am currently Disabled and taking a Narcotic Nerve medication, and a non narcotic depression medication. I would much rather be able to have safe legal access to cannabis than to take my current Medications. I have used Cannabis before and it helps my condition more than both of my medications combined. It is unfair that a man born in the Same Country as one born in California would have to suffer because his local and state Politicians cannot get their act together. Medical Marijuana in Every State, for Every American is the only just fair way to deal with this situation.

  • england10 says:

    Totally agree with Mr. Starr. I have PTSD and have been recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and I think I should have been diagnosed since childhood. Veterans Administration have tried many different types of narcotics and none have worked and most have been a nightmare with side effects. Marijuana has been the only thing that shows me signs of improved mood and elevated energy levels. As soon as the politicians quit listening to the pharmaceutical companies and start listening to their citizens, maybe then we will have a victory.

  • popiew says:

    I am a chronic pain patient presently being treated at a pain clinic. I use a pain patch,I exchange for a new one every other day,plus oxycodone for breakthrough pain. Even with all these heavy narcotics, I still cannot get rid of all the pain. I average around the 40 to 60% range….but when I ad marijuana,the pain has either disapeared or out of mind……..I highly recommend medical marijuana for patients that need it……………..and if their Dr. says they would bennefit, shouldn’t the law allow it?

  • kutama says:

    I have many reasons to use medical marijiana. Cronic pain, insomnia, adhd, severe migrains and bi-polor disorder. I am allergic to most painkiller, cant take sleeping pills due to sleepwalking and no medication has worked for my bi-polor disorder. Marijuana is the only thing I have found that can help and it helps all of them at the same time. There are many more pople like myself that can benifit from medical marijuana that are being denied because states refuse to let legillization laws pass. The stigma that used tobe attached to the plant is slowly fadding but the laws remain. There has to be something we as people can do to change this.

  • chuck says:

    people myself has ptsd bipolar mood swing arthritus the bad kind degen. hep c i can go on but peace to you all

  • admin says:

    Sorry to hear that Chuck. Sorry to hear you are a double victim of bad laws and illness. Peace to you also.

  • sean john says:

    up here in Maine u can get prescribed medical marijuana for the dumbest of things. tabbaco addiction, PMS, drug addiction just really dumb conditions but ive have been a marijuana smoker since i was 9 years old medications didn’t work for add and severe anger problems then i was introduced to marijuana at a young age and know my anger is very easy to control i don’t have a problem with my add and it even helps my asthma. so i belive it should be completley legal for us citizens 18 and older and doctor prescribed for under age 18.

  • candynbuddy says:

    I have Fabry. Fabry is a x-linked lisosomal storage disorder. The pain crisis and other simptoms manifest at age 10
    The word crisis comes from medical journals this is not just a opinion. Gastrointestinal issues with pain severe enough to cause chills and vomiting. The heart and kidney complications usually begin at 28. The average life expectancy is 41.
    Many people diagnosed with Fabry have chosen to take thair life to escape the pain. The crisis are triggered by physical activity,change in the weatherl

  • admin says:

    Wow, candynbuddy that sounds horrific. Can you tell me more about this condition?

  • Larry says:

    If I could use marijuana for my back pain I wouldn’t
    need opiates I don’t think

  • admin says:

    I agree Larry, you know cannabis does many things including make the perception of pain different.

  • karen woods says:

    I have ms, it really helps alot of the pain and depression.

  • henry carpenter says:

    I’ve recently been diagnosed with collagenous gastritis and I get really bad nausea and I have chronic pain. I’ve experience marijuana and I know its effects. I would be blessed if Tennessee legalize medical marijuana. God put it here for sick people like me so why am I banned from using it?

  • Nic lawry says:

    I also have very bad stomach pains and nausea which causes me to not be able to eat. I use marijuana regularly to help that despite being on strict Tennessee probation. I’ve recently failed another drug test, which will most likely result in more jail time and money. I’m sick of being looked at as a criminal.

  • James VanNess says:

    I have smoked pot since about 15, and it is a Godsend. I have bi-polar disorder, and anxiety, and take geodon for my bi-polar. Geodon prevents me from going into a rage, but doesnt help a bit with mood swings or easily getting angry. Pot is the only thing that helps those conditions. I am at peace when I smoke, and can deal with any situation without getting angry. And I never go thru mood swings when I smoke. I also have no trouble sleeping when I smoke a little bit of pot…our politicians need to legalize it fully, not only for medical uses, but also for recreational use. Anyone should be able to grow a few plants in their own backyard for their own use, or to share with neighbors and friends/family. You go to the store, and buy tomatoes and onions, but can grow your own. Theres even displays in the spring where u can buy seeds for those plants. Why cant they allow that with marijuana? We all need to contact our representatives and tell them we want weed legal. Weed doesnt kill, u cant over dose on it. U cant get “weed poisoning”, unlike “alcohol poisoning”, 99.9% of smokers dont get mad at someone else, they are all easy going…

  • neyland crocker says:

    I have really bad anxiety and am currently on meds but nothing helps better than cannabis. I also had chronic migraines until i was aroumd 13, sometimes so bad that i would have to be hospitalized. I have been smoking 16 years and havent had many headaches since then so all around a great natural medicine. Please legalize medicinalmarijuana tennessee

  • Mendi Su says:

    I have MS and Migraines, and smoking pot helps me tremendously. I can’t understand why such a useful natural drug is outlawed when it can help some many people with so many different conditions. It truly needs to be allowed for those of us that need it. Now when I get it I always have to worry about jail and that would likely kill me and make my medical condition so much worse. Let alone, sending desperate law abiding people into the penal system where they don’t belong.

    Please Tennessee Legalize Medical Marijuana!!!

  • Jared k says:

    I have extreme anxiety so bad I can’t live life because I cannot be around other people I do take xanax and have tied multiple medicines only thing that works aittle is the xanax but if I use marijuana I am fine with our without my xanax no panic attacks especially in a crowd I couldn’t normally allow myself to be around. Also I used to race until I was in a terrible accident now I have no choice but to take very strong and addicting opiates such as Oxycontin, oxycodone and The newer opana I know how addicting they are because I was addicted for over 10 years and now I have to take them to get by the is no surgeory available for fractured spine injuries if there was most of us can’t afford it on top of that I lost most of my foot in an accident also when I have to take very addicting pain medicines with side effects that makes you so sick you can’t get it if bed without it when marijuana is a tried and True method that truly works there is no reason medical marijuana shouldn’t be legalized for medicinal use in Tennessee when it works so very good for All of my pains without the terrible side effects. I see no problem with marijuana only good that’s because there is no downside to it as long as its regulated and prescribed by a Dr and it would solve allot problems Tennessee has with opiate abuse in Tennessee not to mention how much it would help the economy in Tennessee but I’m only one person we still all need to speak up and help our state get on board with the other states like Colorado they made millions the first day it was legal for recreation use January 1st 2014 there are so many people out there that no man made western medicine will work for such as my mother she had a stroke plus fibromyalgia and chronic pain to see what she has to go through everyday of her life because she cannot take any medicines that most people can because her conditions I know marijuana would help her because it’s natural no chemicals that can’t be missed to cause severe side effects but she will never know relief because she will not try marijuana like I have Andes know the veggies until it is legal. Let’s just try hard to get it legalized most of my family is in law enforcement but my father being a veteran deputy is almost to the point of having to break the law to see his wife get relief from marijuana but as a law biding citizen we will have to suffer with the dangerous man made medicine until marijuana decriminalized… LEGALIZE IT TENNESSEE IT CANNOT HURT ANYTHING ONLY MAKE THE SOCIETY BETTER!!!!!!!!. Sincerely Jared just a middle age tax paying citizen among others that know the benefits of Marijuana that God blessed us with. ….PS.. feel free to use my post anywhere that will help to the legalization of pot

  • Jason says:

    I suffer from chronic pain and I take over 500 prescribed opiate and narcotic pain pills per month to barely manage my condition. That is more than 17 pills per day. I have had 3 back surgeries all within 4 years, and each one has failed. The most recent one I have had was 04/2013 which has made me worse, and I have been on this pill regimen for over 9 months. The next surgery the Dr. is recommending I will only have a 30% chance to survive the operating table. I am only 34 years old and a father of 3 wonderful children. I refuse for my kids to have a 70% chance to loose their father, but I wonder how long I really do have left to live. Because of all of the pills I am taking I am not in full control of my mental faculties. I am depressed, and worried for my family. I am having difficulties to sleep and only sleeping 2 to 3 hours per night. I am causing irreparable damage to my liver. Now to be completely honest when I use cannabis, NOT to get high, but as a medication for my chronic pain I can almost completely stop taking all of my pills for the day. I am in a much happier mood. I am not in a constant fog, I am more alert. The most important thing tho for me is that I am not doing any damage to my liver, and not shortening my life with my children and my loving wife.

  • Inez says:

    Hello, I have severe depression and ive been prescribed every known drug known to man. Right now, I take the maximum dosage of Prozac daily and it still doesn’t help. Also I have severe back aches and I can go thru a bottle of extra strength Tylenol in a week. Im sure this is very unhealthy for my kidneys and liver. I can remember that when I was a cannabis user, in my younger days, I was a much happier person. I was never moody, and I didn’t suffer from pain as much. Not being a cannabis user and being on these anti-psychotic drugs has made me attempt suicide twice in the past 3 years of taking these. I never considered that when I used cannabis. Please TN, PLEASE legalize for the people who need it medically, our lives depend on it.

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