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  • Nic lawry says:

    I’m a 20 year old male. I have a full time landscaping job and also take care of my 14 month old son. I’ve always been on probation due to marijuana since 13. It’s costs me thousands of dollars. I’m sick of being looked at as a criminal for smoking medicine. I hate pills they are way to bad for you. We need need to get medical marijuana laws passed in this state soon. Look at how California and all the other states are doing making millions instead of spending millions locking people up like me.

  • Ted Hopkins says:

    My fiance suffers from fibromyalgia. It pains me to see a loved one go through an intense pain and agony that I could never comprehend or feel. It also deeply saddens me that her doctors feel opiate pills are alot more effective to her than medicinal marijuana. They are in the wrong for sure. When she uses marijuana, it completely eases the pain and does so much more than any pain pill could ever do. Politicians of Tennessee, please understand that, unless you have to go through severe chronic pain yourselves, you have NO IDEA how important marijuana is if you forbid it to be a medicine to relieve pain. Please, for the love of anything good and right, use common sense and help the thousands who really need this medicine. Marijuana trumps any kind of harmful opiate and you MUST understand that legalizing medicinal marijuana IS the RIGHT thing to do!!!

  • Mikail says:

    Hello I fought for this country from 1990 to 1991 Gulf War and i was infected with some sickness. I suffer from fibromyalgia, IBS, PTSD cause me depression and Anxiety that make me nervous around people. Medical Cannabis is what help me and i have tried anti depression meds and they all have side effects that will cause death and worse conditions for me or any other patients that take that type of medicine. I have been treating myself with cannabis and it the best thing i have tried within 22 yrs.. Believe me doctors tried so so many different kinds of meds. Federal Government has made me into criminal because I smoke Marijuana. I know what is best for me and it should be my right to treat myself. I fought for this country and my life is my life so let the planet free!!!

  • LilTaz says:

    I am going to be 46 years old in May. I have been athletic all my life and have lived a very healthy life style. But, because of a rare condition in my legs, and 13 surgeries, I have had to quit many of the things I love. I am in chronic pain. 24/7. From the hips down, I suffer from numbness, tingling, throbbing and aches. I don’t sleep. I am a pretty tough person too. I have a high tolerance for pain. But I have seriously had enough of this. I need help. I have told my doctors and specialists I wish to God Tennessee would legalize at least medical marijuana. I will not take narcotics. They don’t do anything for me anyway. They are far more dangerous than pot is and far more addictive. I think it’s sad when it has been proven how wonderful marijuana is for those that suffer from pain daily, that there are only 18 states that have legalized it. You hear about drug overdoses from prescribed medications all of the time. Deaths and addiction. When was the last time you heard of a marijuana overdose? I am a former police officer and I never heard of that back then nor have I heard of it recently. Tennessee, wake up!

  • Lori says:

    Without a state income tax, think of the great tax income TN could benefit from. Not to mention the resulting jobs created. Legalize in TN, at least for medical purposes, NOW.

  • RJ Yates says:

    I am a 38 y.o. male from the Tri-cities, that spent 12 1/2 years as an Infantryman. I was medically discharged in 2006 and very heavily medicated. I have been self medicating with cannabis since 2010 when i failed a urinalysis from the V.A. With that being said the mountain of medication that I was existing on was destroying everything, I could’t control my thoughts, my actions, or my anger. The meds that i was on brought out the best of the worst in me, not to include some of the meds that were prescribed had a direct conflict with other meds I was prescribed. I now only take a 800 mg Motrin for breakthrough pain and do not plan on going back on the “PILLS” my life revolved around for so long. Medical cannabis has helped me and hurt me, as now my quality of life is better, but I can not find a job that will pay me what i’m capable of earning because i do self medicate. I have 40 diagnosed medical issues to include PTSD, Chronic back pain, and Glaucoma and fare far better with medical cannabis than I ever did on Morphine or Lortab.

  • kimberleigh krepp says:

    Hello, my name is Kimberleigh Krepp of the Capitol District Cannabis Consortium, and Legalize Marijuana in New York. I am writing in regards to my friend, Seth Green, who lives in Tenessee. Seth suffers terribly form cerebral palsy and a host of other ailments. He has been trying to bring attention to his afflictions, and the terrible side effects that he suffers, from his medication. Seth is looking for a medical marijuana advocate, to advocate for him. Seth also runs a facebook page, Greener Pastures, a christian medical marijuana advocacy page, as well as his own profile page, please feel free to view his pages as an insight to his dilemma. Please help Seth bring attention to the crisis he is facing along with countless other Americans, so we can gain support to try to introduce new legislature,for medical marijuana, that would ease so manys suffering. Seth can be contacted on his pages or via email : [email protected] and I can be contacted on either of my pages and my email as well : [email protected]
    Thank you for your attention in this serious matter,and thank you for your support.
    Kimberleigh Krepp

  • jw says:

    Advocacy is an extremely huge part of medical marijuana legalization. I suffer from huge pain issues as many MMJ users do.
    However, moving to Memphis from Olympia, WA, has destroyed a lot of my faith in people. Learning that tax money is going to be wasted giving welfare recipients drug tests without a source of income to pay for said tests is sickening.
    I feel hypocritical for remaining a WA resident and traveling for my meds because it means I have no voice in the TN arena.
    when I first moved here I was on my way to becoming a resident when the proposal to legalize MMJ was pulled. I sat down and cried for hours. Without MMJ I am back on methadone for fibro and other ailments and will remain a WA state resident so I don’t have to keep shoving this poison in my body.
    I just feel Memphis is deserted when it comes to hope for an advocate.

  • admin says:

    There is no doubt methadone is toxic.

  • travis says:

    I have no physical pain or physical issues in general that require medical marijuana. My entire life I have been socially awkward. I would just flat out melt in social situations at work or at home; it just didn’t matter where it was, I struggled to engage in day-to-day conversations that others made look so easy. As I got older I started to experience intense random fits of frustration that had a negative effect on all aspects of my life. An awkward and angry day was almost a daily give in. I would come home from work stressed out and my wife would suffer. Be it a bad attitude, depression, or laziness she suffered daily because of me.
    About 6 months ago I started regularly smoking. My life changed. I found things in myself that I always wanted but never could pull out of myself and implement. Normally a soft spoken person, I suddenly felt a desire to have conversations with middle and upper management with confidents and authority about projects I was working. I am able to make basic conversation with my superiors without breaking into a sweat or words like a belligerent fool with my head down. My entire social status took an overhaul. The worry of saying the wrong thing or off rejection has disappeared from my life and my professional relationships took a shot in the arm.
    On top of this the frustration and anger have left me. I don’t stress over the little things and am able to function at high enough level that I was appointed project lead for my company over a project. That DOESN’T happen to me. With my new confidence in myself and the lack of attitude that I was oozing, I am now able to grab the reigns and take control of situations. I am excelling in the workplace and getting complimented by my managers daily for positive mentality and pursuit of personal development.
    I am not sure what all marijuana helps treat but social anxiety is non-existent when using and anger just melts away. The only lifestyle change I made was this. Maybe this was just maturity at the same time but on days when I am not using I am not the same. The thought of me being a happier person, a productive member of society, and making my family happier is what drives me. To know that the one thing that has worked in my life above the prescriptions for bi-polar disorder, for depression, and for anxiety that have been prescribed to me since I was teenager is illegal is just something I cannot comprehend. I don’t want to sound to whiny but why should issues that prescribed medication cannot fix but marijuana can not be addressed in the same way. I will continue to use and would like to not worry about being punished over improving my life’s quality.

  • Daniel says:

    I truely wish Tennessee would look into medical marijuana.I have Hep C and some of the side effects to this disease are horrible.I hate pills and takeing things that are man made and you have to check into rehabs for after you want to come off medications.Doctors rarely tell you how hard it is to come off alot of narcotics they just want the kick backs off the drug companies.Marijuana in my opinion is far more safer than alcohol or (narc)pills. Time to look into the future and get out of the past. Marijuana is a safe and helpful drug that alot of people could benefit from. Not all people who smoke pot are drug addicts or rapest or murdereres. I belive pot has been blown way out of proportion for many many years and its time we get rid of that old mentallity and truely look at the help and affects it can have on alot of innocent helpless people inneed Thanks and always vote “yes”for marijuana and talk to others and tell them the truth about this wonderful creation.

  • DEBRA SMITH says:


  • Missy says:

    It’s time to re-look at facts and evolve as a society. ‘When you know better you do better’ (Mayra?) Give people the choice to choose their meds. Even recreationally. We need consistency with laws for alcohol and mj. It just makes sense. It makes logical sense. How can someone educated not clearly see that?

    How can it not be immediately re-scheduled with the latest info out?

  • martha says:

    I’m 34 years old and have suffered from severe arthritis since I was 10 years old and fibro since I was 17, and a seizure disorder my entire life. I’ve run the gammot on meds to treat me icluding neurotin, depakote, dilantin, relpax, lyrica, cymbalta, steroids, anti-inflamatories and narcotic pain medications. All of which have had horrible side affects and have only resulted infailure. Marijuana however gives me no side effects and works, however, using it to treat my medical issues brands me a criminal.
    I wouldnt wish my pain on anyone but by keeping a treatment that works away from me, the government is both endorsing and encouraging me to attempt to live with very little quality of life. Enough is enough, if our elected officials were expierencibg this type of pain, they’d want it legalized too!

  • jeff says:

    I suffer from a number of autoimmune diseases. I feel certain that some types of cannabis or cannabis products (high CBD) would be effective in treating some of the symptoms, if not outright healing. Without new laws that allow for the development of a medical cannabis industry, I and others are left with limited to no good choices. TN needs to look at the well developed industry in Colorado as a template for how to proceed. As an aside I also favor personal cultivation, as it allows individuals to grow cannabis for their own use. All this talk of how much tax revenue can be collected is often just the ‘come on’ to get legislator’s attention.

  • Candice says:

    am a registered nurse, a mother of 2 toddlers and a chronically ill patient. I have been recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, of which I suffer from tremendously, on a daily basis. I believe I should have the option of using marijuana if and when my doctor recommends it (which she does!)! That is MY FREEDOM… My freedom from the body that tortures me AND my poor family so much… Every single day. If medical marijuana can allow me to walk again… Cook a healthy meal for my babies… Contribute POSITIVELY to society and perhaps even be able to WORK again, then why can’t I have a chance to use this THERAPY? With a doctors recommendation, at that!?! I feel America needs to come out of this prohibition-style thinking and realize that there are VALID medical uses for this drug. I would very much like your support on this issue.. My struggling family would too, as it would mean having their Mommy back and not zoned out constantly on all these narcotic pain medications.
    The AP just released a statement from the Obama administration saying that they would not sue or inhibit Washington state and Colorado from legalizing RECREATIONAL marijuana use. If that is the case, then WHY ARE APPROPRIATE AND VALID MEDICAL USERS OF MARIJUANA IN OUR COUNTRY CONTINUING TO BE CRIMINALIZED AND STIGMATIZED FOR SEEKING TO RELIEVE THEIR DAILY TORMENT FROM A BIDY RAVAGED WITH REAL, GENUINE DISEASE!?!
    I do not understand how treating a medical condition in one state can land u in prison, while just a few miles across the state border u can simply GET HIGH… Just because u feel the need arise and are free from criminal prosecution and financial torture by the court system! I simply feel this is unfair, and not only that but it infringes HEAVILY upon my personal freedoms, and my rights to valid medical treatments, and it puts up a roadblock to a good quality if life for me as well as my entire family with my type of chronic diagnosis.

  • Hannah says:

    I started using cannabis in candy form while I was pregnant with my 4th. I suffered from hyperemesis ad weight loss throughout most of my pregnancy. I was on 2 strong antiemetics that both had horrible side effects. Pot candy saved me and my baby. I was able to keep food and liquid down and didnt end up in the hospital for fluids ever again.

  • laura reaves says:

    Iam a 49 year old female and christian. I’ve been diagnosed Irritable Bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic anxiety, cervical disc degeneration, and sleep apnea. I’ve also had two mva’s resulting in a 8 inch plate n six screws in my leg and 2 rotator cuff surgeries. I’ve lost 5 people I loved including my 24 year old son. I’ve suffered panic attacks and nightmares that induced some of the greatest terror I’ve ever experienced. Everyday my energy is spent trying to focus on thinking positively because doom lingers constantly. I have lost many pounds in the past waking up in fight or flight mode with loose bowels n vomiting. I could go days without eating. I’d seen my doctor and a specialist for this and a specialist for that. The prescriptions piled up. I didn’t like the results, and lets not talk side affects. I’d become withdrawn. I got tired of trying to live within the law when just trying to stay alive took so much effort. Marijuana is my medicine. Because of marijuana I am able to fight off pain, anxiety, nausea and stress. Marijuana is the reason Iam able to share my thoughts with you now. We must legalize marijuana. It just makes better sense. The only reason its not legal is because the pharmaceutical companies would lose big money.

  • Tyrone Smith says:

    Disease: Stiff Person Syndrome or SPS

    Symptoms: 50/50 MS/Parkinsons — creates the illusion of seizures because the brain and muscles cannot communicate. It also causes SEVERE muscle cramps / Spasms. Left unattended, the carrier is subject to throat / chest muscles constricting and is encouraged to wear a Medical ID bracelet.

    More Info:

    Hi. I’m Rone. It’s going on 4 years now. I had to teach myself how to learn to write, obviously type and since January 2013 – I’ve been able to walk with the aid of braces, lifestyle change and working out. However, I cannot take pain medicine (works against me) – and when I could take Morphine, I was upto 3 30mg doses PER DAY. Yes… PER…..DAY. Nothing. Might as well have been a placebo.

    Years ago, I had broken a bone in my knee and didn’t know it. I would inhale and go to work. After 2 years of agonizing pain – 24/7 w/ RANDOM JOINT DISLOCATIONS – I decided to “experiment” again.

    The Results: I use it just like medicine. Every 4-6 hours. The disease is meant to paralyze me and is the cause of my brain malfunction. By using this “criminalized” medicine, I’m forced to break the law just so I can be in my Daughters lives. I don’t and won’t have a normal life again – but – by using medicinally and not for recreation, I am able to share with you.

    I contemplated moving to MS because they are fighting for Medicinal. There is “rumoured” a video on YouTube that Parents give their 3yro Medicinal for the same Symptoms I have. I’m a grown man, 39 yesterday. Right now? It’s all I can do to block the never-ending pain….until I take my “Medicine”. Leave those Parents alone…. why? think of the worst charlie horse youve ever had and then multiply it by 10,000 and you are just beginning.

    LEGALIZE Medicinal Marijuana. If we were really smart, we’d LEGALIZE then use the tax money (I say on Education) but it won’t happen.

    It’s truly sad that I have to travel to another State for help instead of being able to go to my doctor in MY OWN STATE.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Stacy says:

    The legalization of marijuana would be the best thing to happen in Tennessee in a very long time. Besides all the benefits that come from this naturally grown plant, there is the added plus that people who are now taking prescription medications, made up of who knows what, will no longer rely on these harmful medications for relief from their aliments. I have worked in a pharmacy for over 10 years and know the side effects from prescription drugs, and when it legal in Tennessee, I want to work in the Medical Marijuana field. I am hopeful that Tennessee will finally wake up from it’s prescription drug induced coma and see the true benefits from Medical and Industrial Marijuana.

  • Riley says:

    I have never understood the reason why the state of Tennessee is always behind on virtually all progressive issues. The last time a bill for MM was introduced, the republican’ts and the democraps both refused to even acknowledge it on the house floor. Repubs would not hear it and Demos did not even show up even though the bill was brought by their own party. Legislators like Steve Cohen from Memphis really do try, but have no support. People such as those posting here know exactly the benefits that MM can provide with very little side effect. I have been a Type 1 diabetic for 42 years. The very reason that I do not suffer from intense neuropathy is my use of Marj. I have been disgusted with the ignorance and intolerance of our representatives for many years on this issue. I feel that folks like us must continue to educate and use our testimonials to persuade the powers that be to listen. We really have no other choice. In the mean time I guess we all will continue to support the cartels etc. by simply buying the medicine that helps with our daily lives. I am 55 years old, have an advanced business degree and have always been a productive citizen trying to make difference and do the right thing. I just hope that as many other states initiate sound policies on the matter that Tennessee will not be the last to buy in as usually happens. Peace

  • MB says:

    45+ yo/m with spinal cord injury. My symptons include extreme muscle pain/spasms/cramps, sensory dysfunction, anxiety, and situtational depression. To alleviate these symptons, I had two choices: the risk of prescripton drug addiction or take the chances of acquiring street marijuana. I know and met unknown numbers of individuals who took the PD route became addicted; therefore, since the State gives people like me no choice and continue with our useless marijuana laws/prohibition, we have to take the risks that accompanies acquiring street marijuana. No problem so far, but people should be able to acquire MM in a safe, respectable manner.

  • edna quarles says:

    I suffer from RA and fibro. I would rather smoke marijuana than take pills for pain. Drug companies are getting filthy rich. I have the right to choose the medicine that works best for me. My dad had leukemia and suffered tremendously, I asked his doctor if he could have medical marijuana, I was told only in a pill form. We did find him marijuana from a family friend. He was terrified of going to jail if he did. My dad was 76 years old and a Korean War Vet. His meds made him so sick. Words can not describe when you hear your dad crying from pain. My whole family supports legalization!

  • Kerry Dene says:

    I lost my husband to brain cancer in 2010. The year or two before, medical marijuana had been defeated by 2 votes so we just planned on it being legalized the next session. When it wasn’t even discussed, and was still illegal.

    We found a way to get some marijuana because the morphine wasn’t doing anything to help his pain and constant nausea but the marijuana took away the pain AND the nausea! Unfortunately, he didn’t live long enough to get enough relief from long term use but if he was still alive, I would be skulking around town, trying to find more marijuana to help his pain – which could make me a criminal for d0ing the right thing.

    It is time for the Tennessee legislature to wake up and do what “we the people” want – medical marijuana for patients who cannot get relief from any other medicine available. If the legislature thought about it in a financial way, they would see that it is in the best interest of all concerned to make medical marijuana legal. It could become another tax influx for the state while allowing people more jobs and more importantly, help bring relief to people suffering needlessly because of an antiquated law. No one has ever killed anyone from smoking marijuana, but alcohol is legal and easily available and way too many people drink and drive.

    Patients who are using medical marijuana don’t get up and drive around, they are more worried about handling their pain and finding comfort and relief.

    Legislature, PLEASE, for the love of GOD, vote for what is right for the people for once, instead of what the lobbyists are paying you to vote for. Take a look at the evidence and then vote your conscience…pass the medical marijuana law.

  • Fran Jones says:

    I am a 57 yr. old resident of middle Tn. A very proud Tn. Resident! It’s our money that generates success in our beloved state. A property owner, tax paying citizen! With all of my ailments, at this stage of the game, why can’t the rest of my years be of a better quality? I relate to a lot of those that posted before me. Most of us just want to feel better so we can enjoy our grandkids, our home and our surroundings, without malice or judgement! Come on! It’s 2014! For crying out loud! We are no longer teens and I would like to think, after working like a man, and raising 2 daughters, alone, that I, along with others in the same category, have learned the responsibilities and discretion that comes along with being a medical Mary user. I didn’t abuse pain meds however, I still withdrew! No more peeps! I will hold out! I know what God can do! He put it on this earth for a reason, no question! My daughter is a sheriffs deputy in a prominent county in the state of Tn. She knows my story, she hurts for me. All the info I get from her adds to the efforts of my advocacy towards legalizing MM in Tn. Please folks, the money generated through the efforts of MM, could help to feed the children that might live just a few doors down from you. Also, help those of us make Tn. What it is today. Thank you for listening ! FJ

  • D. W. says:

    I am a 54 yr-old health-care professional who owns/operates a private practice (not an M.D.). Not only do I recognize the benefits that medical cannabis can provide to patients from a provider perspective…but I’m ALSO a patient who depends upon it for my day to day life!

    I have had 2 major gastrointestinal surgeries that left me with a partial stomach and small intestine. Each day, I suffer with EXTREME nausea/vomiting with severe intestinal cramping. This typically happens each morning upon awakening and lasts anywhere from 20 minutes to all day. For this condition, I have seen numerous physicians and G.I. specialists, and have been prescribed strong anti-nausea medications and muscle relaxers for the cramping. When I take these…I am unable to function for the rest of the day. They have nasty side effects of their own, and I do not like having to put these harsh chemicals into my already fragile system!

    My PCP told me “off the record” to find some marijuana (MJ). He said it would be much MORE helpful & effective for my conditions than anything he could give me, and as he pointed out…is 100% safe, while these other medications ALL have a history of bad reactions even leading to death in some cases. Marijuana has NEVER been credited with a single death, and has no harmful side-effects. I also suffer from severe lack of appetite due to the nausea. Some days, I am unable to eat anything at all.

    However…I took my doctor’s illicit advice and tried the completely natural herb. For the first time…I experienced almost COMPLETE relief from my nausea! The intoxicating side effect of the marijuana is not unpleasant and only lasted about 30 minutes, while the relief from my symptoms is ALL DAY! Thanks to MJ, I am able to work and have not had to file for disability and unemployment benefits. I am able to manage my life, and to be a productive & self-sufficient member of society!

    It is my belief that I and my doctor are the ONLY ones qualified to be included on my healthcare decisions! I choose NOT to use the toxic unnatural, lab-synthesized chemicals…and it should be MY choice!! Unfortunately, the way the laws are written currently, I can go to prison for choosing to medicate myself with MJ. However, nobody cares if my doctor prescribes Rx pain medications for my arthritis and broken vertebra that I also suffer from! We KNOW how dangerous that stuff is and how many lives it ruins…NOT TO MENTION how much it costs our state every single year!

    To date, I have not heard one single, legitimate sensible objection to the decriminalization of MEDICAL marijuana! PLEASE…I beg our lawmakers to stand up and be the LEADERS we elected them to be! Don’t be afraid to stand up for what is right for those suffering! Not to mention how much revenue it’s taxation would generate for our state!

    LEGALIZING MEDICAL MARIJUANA IN TENNESSEE NOW is the RIGHT thing to do!!! Both for our state, and for those who are suffering!

    REFUSING TO LEGALIZE NOW WILL NOT CHANGE ANYTHING! People are STILL going to be using it. All you are doing is making criminals out of good citizens, and costing us millions in the enforcement of these antiquated laws!

    PLEASE don’t put me in prison because I don’t want to feel sick! Please don’t jail me because I’d rather pay my own way than go on disability. And please, please do not deprive me of my liberties as an American and a Tennessean, just because I prefer to make my own choices about what goes into MY body!

    The time is NOW and it’s the RIGHT thing to do! Please be compassionate to those of us who suffer, and let us as patients, WITH THE APPROVAL of our doctors, make our own medical decisions! This is quite simply TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT! Please go back and read our state and federal constitutions, and ask yourself as our elected leaders…is this really in the spirit of America? Isn’t making your own choices really what being an American was and IS all about? SHAME ON YOU as leaders, elected REPRESENTATIVES, and HUMAN BEINGS! if you fail to pass this sane and humane law!

  • John Doe says:

    I cannot leave my name due to the fact that this wonderful plant is still somehow illegal. I am a 23 year old male who has been battling with Crohns disease for almost 10 years. I am a Nurse, and currently enrolled in a Physican Assistant school here in Tennessee. Over the past 10 years I have tried every “legal” perscription under the sun, with no relief, if I do get relief the side effects from the medicine are worse than actually dealing with the pain from crohns. MM has changed my life for the better, not only bringing me out of depression and lowering my anxiety, but giving me the feeling of hunger and easing my stomach pain EVERY DAY! I had lost almost 20lbs in a matter of weeks “trying to pass a drug test” I was at an unhealthy weight, and now that I am back on MM I have already started to gain healthy weight and my quality of life is so much better because of it. MM will give the government money.. thats what they want right? So they can benefit from my disease for letting me use MM. I hope the law is passed soon, because I do not want to be kicked out of my medical school program just because I vape alittle bit of pot. It makes me happy to see this website! Keep on advocating!

  • Alicia Westbrook says:

    My father is currently disabled from a fusion surgery on his lower back from 2 decades ago. He has spent 20 years in agonizing pain that only the strongest of medications can ease to something livable. He cannot work, he cannot walk over 30 feet at a time, and he cannot stop taking these harsh medications even though they are causing side effect nearly as horrible as the pain it treats. Medical cannabis can stimulate his appetite, and possibly help ease him off these dangerous pain killers, it is proven to help with his depression. Please everyone reading this become active in your counties politics. Push our state house and senate reps, govener, and mayors. Let our voices be heard. We need this medication to save/help members of our family. The politicians purpose is the be the voice of the people, but they can’t be our voices if we doing SPEAK UP. Write letters, send emails, post of facebook pages, let them know we are watching and we want to see a change! If we all stand together we can fight against these ridiculous laws that prevent patients from receiving medication that 27 other countries recognize can actually treat the worst cancers, auto immune diseases, chronic pain, and many other debilitating conditions.

  • Inez says:

    Hello, I have severe depression and ive been prescribed every known drug known to man. Right now, I take the maximum dosage of Prozac daily and it still doesn’t help. Also I have severe back aches and I can go thru a bottle of extra strength Tylenol in a week. Im sure this is very unhealthy for my kidneys and liver. I can remember that when I was a cannabis user, in my younger days, I was a much happier person. I was never moody, and I didn’t suffer from pain as much. Not being a cannabis user and being on these anti-psychotic drugs has made me attempt suicide twice in the past 3 years of taking these. I never considered that when I used cannabis. Please TN, PLEASE legalize for the people who need it medically, our lives depend on it.

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