Noteworthy Medicinal Drugs

There are tons of other medicinals out there that Big Pharma will never tell you about. Natural herbs and herbal remedies are so much better than we think. They are the original source of all the medicines we know and love. Pharmaceutical products mimic or synthesize what nature provides. They’re usually much stronger, more potent, and less addictive. These are some of my favorite alternatives.


I kratom-powderfirst tried Kava in Florida when I was on vacation. It’s popular for vacationers for it’s effects on your mood. Hawaiian natives love Kava for it’s mild, relaxing effects. It tastes kind of like dirt water. Kava numbs your tongue and gives you a little, subtle buzz. It’s nothing comparable to alcohol or cannabis. However, it has noticeable calming effects. You can also get things added to it like pineapple slices or Kratom tinctures. You can learn more about Kava at


Kratom is a plant that’s ground up and imported from Indonesia. My buddy used to import it and had some pretty crazy stories from his customers. The thing is a lot of meth heads use kratom to overcome their addiction. People with MS, Endometriosis, and cancer use kratom as well. My dad even used it to avoid pain medications after he got a shoulder replacement surgery. Kratom is popular for helping people get past opiate addictions and day to day pain and discomfort. It also helps with paranoia, depression, anxiety, and PMS mood swings. There’s been a lot of legal talk about kratom because it’s not very popular with the pharmaceutical industry. It’s pretty cheap, and can’t be synthetically cloned. There are companies that add fillers to their kratom so you have to be careful. The fillers aren’t usually dangerous, just tea or another leaf, but they will make the kratom less potent. You can learn more about using kratom at


DMT is the chemical released in your brain when you die. We all produce it. DMT is everywhere in nature. It’s just, when we are near death, we release it in substantial amounts. There’s a documentary on Netflix called DMT: The Spirit Molecule. People that have near death experiences go through the same thing as people that astral project. However, one is a conscious decision, and the other is not. The people take take DMT for medicinal reasons are usually seeking some sort of spiritual healing. There’s a drink that is very popular among Peruvian shamans called Ayahuasca. It contains DMT and is said to give people life changing trips. You can learn more about getting DMT at


I have a friend in LA that takes people hiking on “shroom trips.” I’ve never been on one but it sounds fun. They basically go out into the middle of nowhere, take psychedelics, and howl at the moon until the sun rises. People seem to resort to shrooms when they’re going through some sort of stress or depression. They say shrooms make every intricate detail of life more beautiful. Usually people take shrooms in tea. I’m not sure if you can eat them, but they’re definitely not the same as regular mushrooms. You can learn more about safety when using Psychedelics at

MMJ Is Changing Lives

Below you can read real opinions from real people. Marijuana has changed many lives, and these are just a few.

Edna Quarles says:

mmj I suffer from RA and fibro. I would rather smoke marijuana than take pills for pain. Drug companies are getting filthy rich. I have the right to choose the medicine that works best for me. My dad had leukemia and suffered tremendously, I asked his doctor if he could have medical marijuana, I was told only in a pill form. We did find him marijuana from a family friend. He was terrified of going to jail if he did. My dad was 76 years old and a Korean War Vet. His meds made him so sick. Words can not describe when you hear your dad crying from pain. My whole family supports legalization!

Fran Jones says:

I am a 57 year old resident of middle Tn. A very proud Tn. Resident. It’s our money that generates success in our beloved state. A property owner, tax paying citizen. With all of my ailments, at this stage of the game, why can’t the rest of my years be of a better quality? I relate to a lot of those that posted before me. Most of us just want to feel better so we can enjoy our grand kids, our home, and our surroundings, without malice or judgment.

Come on! It’s 2014, for crying out loud. We are no longer teens, and I would like to think, after working like a man, and raising two daughters, alone, that I, along with others in the same category, have learned the responsibilities and discretion that comes along with being a medical Mary user.

I didn’t abuse pain meds, however, I still withdrew. No more peeps. I will hold out. I know what God can do. He put it on this earth for a reason, no question. My daughter is a sheriffs deputy in a prominent county in the state of Tn. She knows my story; she hurts for me. All the info I get from her adds to the efforts of my advocacy towards legalizing MMJ in TN. Please, folks, the money generated through the efforts of MMJ, could help to feed the children that might live just a few doors down from you. Also, help those of us make Tn. What it is today. Thank you for listening. FJ

D. W. says:

I am a 54 year-old health-care professional who owns/operates a private practice (not an M.D.). Not only do I recognize the benefits that medical cannabis can provide to patients from a provider perspective but I’m ALSO a patient who depends upon it for my day to day life.

I have had two major gastrointestinal surgeries that left me with a partial stomach and small intestine. Each day, I suffer from extreme nausea/vomiting with severe intestinal cramping. This typically happens each morning upon awakening and lasts anywhere from 20 minutes to all day. For this condition, I have seen numerous physicians and G.I. specialists, and have been prescribed strong anti-nausea medications and muscle relaxers for the cramping.

When I take these, I am unable to function for the rest of the day. They have nasty side effects of their own, and I do not like having to put these harsh chemicals into my already fragile system.

My personal care physician told me off the record to find some marijuana (MJ). He said it would be much more helpful and effective for my conditions than anything he could give me. And as he pointed out, it is 100% safe, while these other medications all have a history of bad reactions even leading to death in some cases. Marijuana has never been credited with a single death and has no harmful side-effects. I also suffer from severe lack of appetite due to nausea. Some days, I am unable to eat anything at all.

However, I took my doctor’s illicit advice and tried the completely natural herb. For the first time, I experienced almost complete relief from my nausea. The intoxicating side effect of the marijuana is not unpleasant and only lasted about 30 minutes, while the relief from my symptoms is all day. Thanks to MMJ, I am able to work and have not had to file for disability and unemployment benefits. I can manage my life, and to be a productive and self-sufficient member of society.

sativaIt is my belief that my doctor and I are the only ones qualified to be included in my healthcare decisions. I choose not to use the toxic unnatural, lab-synthesized chemicals and it should be my choice! Unfortunately, the way the laws are written currently, I can go to prison for choosing to medicate myself with MMJ. However, nobody cares if my doctor prescribes Rx pain medications for my arthritis and broken vertebra that I also suffer from. We know how dangerous that stuff is and how many lives it ruins, not to mention how much it costs our state every single year.

To date, I have not heard one single, legitimate, sensible objection to the decriminalization of medical marijuana. please, I beg our lawmakers to stand up and be the leaders we elected them to be. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what is right for those suffering. Not to mention how much revenue its taxation would generate for our state.

Legalizing medical marijuana in Tennessee now is the right thing to do. Both for our state, and for those who are suffering.

Refusing to legalize marijuana will not change a thing. People are still going to be using it. All you are doing is making criminals out of good citizens, and costing us millions in the enforcement of these antiquated laws.

Please, don’t put me in prison because I don’t want to feel sick. Please don’t jail me because I’d rather pay my own way than go on disability. And please, please do not deprive me of my liberties as an American and a Tennessean, just because I prefer to make my own choices about what goes into my body.

The time is now and it’s the right thing to do. Please be compassionate to those of us who suffer, and let us as patients, with the approval of our doctors, make our own medical decisions. This is quite simply too much government. Please go back and read our state and federal constitutions, and ask yourself as our elected leaders, is this really in the spirit of America? Isn’t making your own choices really what being an American was and is all about? Shame on you as leaders elected representatives, and human beings if you fail to pass this sane and humane law!

John Doe says:

I cannot leave my name because this wonderful plant is still somehow illegal. I am a 23-year-old male who has been battling with Crohn’s disease for almost ten years. I am a Nurse and currently enrolled in a Physician Assistant school here in Tennessee.

Over the past ten years, I have tried every legal prescription under the sun, with no relief, if I do get relief the side effects from the medicine are worse than actually dealing with the pain from Crohn’s. MMJ has changed my life for the better, not only bringing me out of depression and lowering my anxiety but giving me the feeling of hunger and easing my stomach pain every day.

I had lost almost 20lbs in a matter of weeks trying to pass a drug test I was at an unhealthy weight, and now that I’m back on MMJ I have already started to gain healthy weight, and my quality of life is so much better because of it. MMJ will give the government money; that’s what they want right? So they can benefit from my disease for letting me use MMJ. I hope the law is passed soon because I do not want to be kicked out of my medical school program just because I vape a little bit of pot. It makes me happy to see this website. Keep on advocating!

Alicia Westbrook says:

My father is currently disabled from a fusion surgery on his lower back from 2 decades ago. He has spent 20 years in agonizing pain that only the strongest of medications can ease to something livable. He cannot work, he cannot walk over 30 feet at a time, and he cannot stop taking these harsh medications even though they are causing side effect nearly as horrible as the pain it treats. Medical cannabis can stimulate his appetite, and possibly help ease him off these dangerous painkillers, it is proven to help with his depression.

Please, everyone reading this become active in your counties politics. Push our state house and senate reps, governor, and mayors. Let our voices be heard. We need this medication to save/help members of our family. A politician’s purpose is to be the voice of the people, but they can’t be our voices if we don’t speak up. Write letters, send emails, post on Facebook pages, let them know we are watching and we want to see a change. If we all stand together, we can fight against these ridiculous laws that prevent patients from receiving medication that 27 other countries recognize can actually treat the worst cancers, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, and many other debilitating conditions.

Inez says:

Hello, I have severe depression and I’ve been prescribed every known drug known to man. Right now, I take the maximum dosage of Prozac daily, and it still doesn’t help. Also, I have severe back aches, and I can go thru a bottle of extra strength Tylenol in a week.

I’m sure this is very unhealthy for my kidneys and liver. I can remember that when I was a cannabis user, in my younger days, I was a much happier person. I was never moody, and I didn’t suffer from pain as much. Not being a cannabis user and being on these anti-psychotic drugs has made me attempt suicide twice in the past three years of taking these. I never considered that when I used cannabis. Please TN, PLEASE legalize for the people who need it medically, our lives depend on it.

What TN Citizens Are Saying About Marijuana

Pharmaceuticals Are Killing Debra

I have been on many extreme drugs for my back surgeries, depression, arthritis, and many other medical conditions, I opted off all pain medications six months ago. I can no longer kill my body with these chemical drugs any longer. We need medical use of cannabis her in TN. And we need it now. I have never smoked it , but want the relief that many get in the states where its legal. Why can some have it and not all ??? This makes no sense to me. Our government is a sissy boy and we will never get it pass him. We need legislation for all of America to be able to get it, and soon. Oh, and I’m a 53 year old disabled mother of 2, and a christian. My god made it for the reason we use many other herbs. – Debra Smith

Logical Thoughts On Marijuana

Its time to re-look at facts and evolve as a society. When you know better you do better. Give people the choice to choose their meds. Even recreationally. We need consistency with laws for alcohol and MJ. It just makes sense. It makes logical sense. How can someone educated not clearly see that? How can it not be immediately re-scheduled with the latest info out? – Missy

Only If They Could Live A Day In My Shoes

I’m 34 years old and have suffered from severe arthritis since I was 10 years old and fibro since I was 17. I’ve had a seizure disorder my entire life. I’ve run the gambit on meds to treat me, including neurontin, depakote, dilantin, relpax, lyrica, cymbalta, steroids, anti-inflammatories and narcotic pain medications. All of which have had horrible side affects and have only resulted in failure.

Marijuana however, gives me no side effects and works. But using it to treat my medical issues brands me a criminal. I wouldn’t wish my pain on anyone but by keeping a treatment that works away from me, the government is both endorsing and encouraging me to attempt to live with a very low quality of life. Enough is enough. If our elected officials were expierencing this type of pain, they’d want it legalized too! – Martha

We Should Have Real Freedom

I suffer from a number of autoimmune diseases. I feel certain that some types of cannabis or cannabis products (high CBD) would be effective in treating some of the symptoms, if not outright healing. Without new laws that allow for the development of a medical cannabis industry, I and others are left with limited to no good choices. TN needs to look at the well developed industry in Colorado as a template for how to proceed. As an aside, I also favor personal cultivation, as it allows individuals to grow cannabis for their own use. All this talk of how much tax revenue can be collected is often just the come on to get legislators attention. – Jeff

The Government Hates Me

I am a registered nurse, a mother of 2 toddlers, and a chronically ill patient. I have been recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, of which I suffer from tremendously on a daily basis. I believe I should have the option of using marijuana if and when my doctor recommends it (which she does)! That is my freedom. My freedom from the body that tortures me AND my poor family so much every single day.

If medical marijuana can allow me to walk again, cook a healthy meal for my babies, contribute positively to society, and perhaps even be able to work again, then why cant I have a chance to use this therapeutic herb? With a doctors recommendation, at that!?!

I feel America needs to come out of this prohibition-style thinking and realize that there are valid medical uses for this drug. I would very much like your support on this issue. My struggling family would too, as it would mean having their mommy back and not zoned out constantly on all these narcotic pain medications.

The AP just released a statement from the Obama administration saying that they would not sue or inhibit Washington state and Colorado from legalizing recreational marijuana use. If that is the case, then why are appropriate and valid medical users of marijuana in our country continuing to be criminalized and stigmatized for seeking to relieve their daily torment from a body ravaged with real, genuine disease!?!

I do not understand how treating a medical condition in one state can land u in prison, while just a few miles across the state border u can simply get high just because u feel the need arise and are free from criminal prosecution and financial torture by the court system! I simply feel this is unfair, and not only that but it infringes heavily upon my personal freedoms, and my rights to valid medical treatments. And it puts up a roadblock to a good quality if life for me as well as my entire family with my type of chronic diagnosis. – Candice